Is Twitter En Español More Popular Than Twitter In English?

The majority of Twitter users do not come from North America. Did you know that? According to stats from 2010, The US did account for about 50 percent of active Twitter users, but international Twitter users were quickly gaining, and are sure to have overtaken it as the majority by today.

That would explain the popularity of the official Spanish Twitter account, which has surged past the English language account to become the most followed official Twitter account there is. did some digging, and found that @twitter_es, the Spanish language Twitter account, has over 6,350,000 followers. And the English language Twitter account, @twitter, has just 5,900,000.

The Spanish Twitter account has almost half a million more followers than the English account.

And the speed at which @twitter_es amassed its followers would suggest that Spanish-language Twitter users are positively flocking to the service.

The original @twitter account has been around for four and a half years, almost as long as Twitter itself. But the @twitter_es account was created less than two years ago, to coincide with the launch of Twitter’s official Spanish translation service.

In less than two years, the @twitter_es account has amassed enough followers not only to make it the most-followed official Twitter account, but to land it in 14th place in the top 100 Twitter accounts according to It’s in front of Justin Timberlake, Eminem, CNN breaking news, and Paris Hilton.

Twitter has been ramping up its support for international users lately, adding support for Japanese hashtags, increasing the number of supported languages to 12 and launching a crowdsourced Translation Center.

Hat tip: Read Write Web