Is Times Co. Repositioning TimesSelect?

Via Copyranter:

Apparently (finally) realizing that Tommy Friedman and Mo Dowd just ain’t worth 50 bucks a year to the pedestrian paper-reading public, the New York Times has repositioned their pay-to-play TimesSelect feature as a shiny time traveling machine. On the surface, a seemingly somewhat smart move. But then you think for a sec; do I really want to pay extra to be able to go back and read what the Times had to say about miniskirts or Punk Rock or Leave It To Beaver or the Treaty of Versailles? No. No, I don’t. But you, you go right ahead and sign up and then pepper your future party conversations with borrowed tidbits of boringness.

Whether this ad represents a “repositioning” is unclear. One thing is, though: we don’t reccomend, under any circumstances, peppering party conversations with TimesSelect tidbits — that’ll get you a black eye in this town.


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