Is Time Warner’s Dick Parsons Eyeing Gracie Mansion?

Tired of spending all of your time deflecting criticism over a failed mega-merger, a quickly dying Web giant and a desperately lagging stock price? Bored with the same old Lunch at Michaels power plays and pretending you’re not around when Steve Case or Carl Icahn calls? Don’t know if you could really stand to sit on your millions and play golf in the Bahamas once you’re done helming your sinking ship?

Well, what better move than to vie for the far cushier and uncontroversial job of mayor of New York? You can spend your days haggling with the teachers’ union, being blamed for the crappy job the MTA is doing, and — oh, right — worrying that reduced federal homeland security funding is leaving your city open to another major terror attack.

Don’t be left out. All the cool media moguls are doing it.

Is Parsons the New Bloomberg? [New York]


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