Is This the Most Interesting Lawsuit in the World?

I don't always pay my bills, but when I do...

Jonathan Goldsmith, the ‘Most Interesting Man in the World’ (according to Dos Equis) allegedly has a serious issue with paying his bills. When he’s not shilling beer, Goldsmith is dealing with a bitter legal battle with his former talent agency.

According to the suit, Gold Levin Talent (GLT) agency alleges that the actor failed to pay commissions from the popular ads, 10 percent of Goldsmith’s $2 million in earnings for 2015 and 2016, in fact.

In papers filed recently in Los Angeles County Superior Court, Goldsmith fired back at his former advisors, calling one agent in particular “a failed C-list actor who appears in ‘D’ movies” and “a failed personal manager.”

Ouch. But GLT isn’t done:

“Apparently Goldsmith’s preference for Dos Equis intoxicated him into believing that he could ignore his promises and obligations,” the lawsuit said.

Why so serious?

This is a cantankerous relationship that dates back to 2002, when Goldsmith first hired the agency. Under the original agreement, he agreed to pay the company a commission each year. The lawsuit attests that he stopped with the payments on November 2014 advising “[Gold Levin Talent] had made enough.”

butch klein

And since iron-clad contracts aren’t really subject to interpretation, Goldsmith backed it up with his own counter lawsuit on Feb. 9.

In the suit, he states that GLT and agent Butch Klein (pictured here) wrongfully disclosed the terms of a 2012 contract with the beer company stating they “had no role in connection with securing or managing” Goldsmith’s deals with Dos Equis.

Incidentally, GLT gave Goldsmith something else — his wife, Barbara Buky — who joined the talent agency in 2004 and later married the bearded bit actor.

She is the reason, according to Goldsmith, that he has the Dos Equis gig, which is another reason why he stopped paying his fees.

However, Bryan Freedman, attorney for Gold Levin, said the countersuit is baseless.

“He is not the most interesting man in the world,” Freedman said of Goldsmith. “He is just an average guy who doesn’t bother to pay his bills, which isn’t very interesting.”

Good thing IPAs are all the rage now. This is beginning to smell less like Mexican beer and more like spilled milk.


[SOURCES: NY Daily News, Los Angeles Times]


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