Is This The Future Of Job Hunting?

The BBC hosted an online career expo today that we popped in on on the advice of a tipster.

An online career expo? What?

The only way we can describe it after spending a good 30 minutes poking around is “Second Life, only crappier.”

Honestly, if these are the hoops we’ll have to jump through to apply for jobs in the future, count us the hell out.

A lovely welcome video from someone we can neither interact with or shut up, really.

A video “conference” talking about the BBC’s internship program. It was a replay, though supposedly there was a live presentation earlier today. The live Q&A was not saved or recast, however.

The sign said somebody was there, live, RIGHT THAT MINUTE but we waited more than 5 minutes and got no response. So we couldn’t even chat with an HR rep. Sheesh.