Is There A Reason For Details?

Details, the magazine that still exists, celebrated its “10 year” anniversary Monday night at The Standard’s Boom Boom Room. The question on everyone’s mind was, of course, “Why?”

Details editor Dan Peres has a sort-of answer:

Why are we still here and Gourmet is not? Why are we here and Cookie is not? I may have opinions to those things, but it’s simply: We’re still here. As I said to my team, after those decisions were made, we deserve to still be here, and now we have to earn it.

Deserving something, then earning it? Intriguing. Does this make Details more quintessentially American than any other print publication currently still in existence?

One source at Condé Nast told The Observer that Details is still around because, while it doesn’t make money, it also doesn’t lose any, (Hm?) so “why close it and cause the drama?”

And then there’s Bill Wackermann, who convinced the powers that be at Condé Nast that, unlike Vanity Fair, Details could be taken out behind the Boiler Room and fooled around with a bit. In one fell swoop, Wackermann took Steven DeLuca’s place as publisher of Details. Under Wackermann, the magazine has attempted to become “bolder” and “less gloomy” and “something about hating fashion but being totally into it something something.”

So, then. No. There’s no reason for Details. But that doesn’t mean you should stop yourself from enjoying learning how to tie a Windsor knot or knowing which brand of Scotch goes best with your raging insecurity issues.