Is The Washington Times Buttering Up CPAC Attendees?

Who knows, but given that they’ve got a huge booth at CPAC…

news 007.JPG

…it makes this random front page story today about about “Hillary still in bed with ’96 scandal,” coupled with these rack cards…

news 022.JPG

….seem like a case of curious timing, given CPAC’s heavily anti-Hillary crowd.

Side note: New Times’r John Solomon recently congratuled Times employees for their Super Tuesday work:

    Folks: It was a big election night, matched by an even bigger performance from The Washington Times newsroom. We hit the mark of excellence on every imaginable measure as evidenced by our Web site and front page. More than 15,000 fresh words were filed off cycle to the Web site about the election, giving our Web audience a live coverage they’ve never had before _ thanks to the work of David Eldridge and his team. Our graphic maps and photos were sensational. It was a marvel to watch Bellantoni simultaneously filing postings to the Web blog and to the print edition right on deadline, and for Dinan to highlight the achilles heal exposed in McCain’s wins. Hallow and Lambro changed course right in midstream on their analyses to help us make sense of a muddled election result. And Jon Ward did his best imitation of a marathon runner with ! a twelve-hour, nonstop lead writing operation. Throw in the fast work of Pat’s copy desk, the Bourantis team’s design work and Etnyre’s quick stop on the final edition to catch AP’s bad call on Missouri and we’ve got even more to be proud of. You all deserve to take a collective bow and bask in your success for a few fleeting seconds before we all go back to reporting on how this election will end. Congrats, John