Is The Saturday Journal A Failed Experiment?

When the WSJ‘s Saturday incarnation made its debut on September 17, 2005, it faced the media gauntlet. In the wake of Rupert Murdoch‘s $5.6 billion buyout, it may face the guillotine. Conde Nast’s Portfolio — no stranger to the media gauntletwonders, on their blog, what will happen to the WSJ Saturday edition:

“The performance of the Saturday Journal is dreadful even by WSJ standards. One front-page ad in the main section, and one tiny legal notice buried in the bottom corner of page six of the Money & Investing section. “Is the Weekend Journal a failed experiment? Can the property ads in the fluffy sections successfully subsidize the entire rest of the newspaper? And in general, how can the WSJ make itself more attractive to display advertisers? It’ll be interesting to see whether and how Murdoch addresses these questions.”

As Murdoch mulls sacrificing online revenues for an ad-supported WSJ, will the Weekend Journal continue to be a part of the equation?

Ron Mwangaguhunga