Is The New Terrestrial Howard Stern Out There?


How unexpected was it to find out that the hardly-a-household-name Glenn Beck makes — as AlleyInsider puts it”Brian Williams money.” A few days earlier, Citadel Broadcasting made it official, paying Don Imus in the $5 million a year ballpark.

Rush Limbaugh signed a $250 million contract in 2001 that runs through 2009. According to CBS News, Sean Hannity’s contract calls for $10 million through 2009.

What gives? Wasn’t terrestrial radio, post-Stern, supposed to be a dying medium? The libertarian hipness and anything goes atmosphere of satellite was supposed to be delivering the final death blows by now.

Although there is a significant softening in the ratings on terrestrial radio from its newer, hipper competitors — iPods, internet radio, satellite — Alleyinsider notes that radio is still a perfectly fine medium for brand extention.

Which leads one to wonder if a celebrity with a loyal, young, sponsor-friendly demographic (and a proper restraint on expletives) decided to extend their brand onto terrestrial radio, could they catch on? Imagine if a successful blogger could carry over a fraction of his/her audience over to terrestrial radio. Pairing such a blogger with a skillful producer could make for riveting and profitable radio.

Could there be another Howard Stern? Or has that time passed already.

There are so many bloggers with attractive demographics and, quite possibly, potential mic-skills waiting to be nurtured that it seems … strange that terrestrial radio execs clamor after something as quaintly archaic as ”rebel radio.”

If there is another Howard Stern out there, he/she will probably come from the blogosphere. And have the proper restraint to not throw cold cuts at strippers.

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