Is the Facebook App Marketplace Coming?

Some entrepreneurial individual is apparently working on an application to allow Facebook developers to sell their application. He or she claims that they are launching a Facebook application that will list other applications for sale. Will this succeed? No idea but I don’t see this becoming a marketplace for popular applications. Any top tier Facebook developer has been acquired or is in the process of being acquired by venture capitalists and angel investors. The remaining applications are either solely for the purpose of marketing a brand or have quickly resulted in failure. Mike Arrington commented a couple days ago about each Facebook user being worth $0.30. So for all those developers who’s application peaked at around 1,000, you can go sell it for around $300. Not much of an offer if you’ve spent a couple days pumping out an application. My conclusion? I doubt any valuable applications will end up on the open market, they will be bought out way before they are in a position where they need to come up with an exit strategy. Do you think I’m wrong here?