Is ‘The Daily’ Hiring All Wrong?

The News Corp.-owned, super-secret iPad venture called “The Daily” has been snapping up journos left and right (most recently the New Yorker’s Sasha Frere-Jones, who will serve as culture editor). But maybe Murdoch’s going about this thing all wrong.

“Frere-Jones is a top-notch writer; there’s no argument there. But just what he and several other recent hires bring to the table—er, tablet—is questionable,” writes Andrew Wallenstein at PaidContent. “With all due respect to the fine journalists who are moving over to The Daily—jeez, even the name sounds oldfangled—there’s little in their backgrounds that suggests they can create something ahead of the curve. Richard Johnson and Jesse Angelo come from the News Corp.-owned The New York Post, where they have distinguished themselves in the gossip and crime beats, respectively, but innovators they don’t seem to be.”

Ooh, burrrrn. But Wallenstein brings up an interesting point: who’s to say the iPad is going to be for reading? Maybe it’ll be used mostly for video. Or reference. Or maybe it will shine in games…media companies could create interactive “game”-like features that help users understand a story that much better. So is News Corp. wrong to hire so many superstar print folks? Let us know.