Is the Applications Directory Automated?

Aurora Calendar Directory listing screenshotI was browsing through the Facebook applications directory earlier today and noticed the listing on the left. I found it pretty funny that the description to says “I can’t find a way to unsubmit to the application directory. I don’t want this application published,” yet for some reason they continued to approve the application. As for my Bush Countdown Clock (which I was wondering about why it wasn’t approved), it has been rejected from the directory. My guess is because I didn’t have a separate removal page and they said I was collecting user data. Honestly, I was keeping track of when users added the application but that’s about it. I’m guessing I’ll be approved once it’s resubmitted. It was also interesting that they replied as soon as I posted something on this blog. I guess they are actually listening! Is their process an automated process or is someone physically reviewing the application? If you would like to go use a completely useless application or check out the listing for yourself, go take a look at the Aurora Calendar development test.