Is the Apple vs. Amazon eBook Battle Going to be Vicious? Stanza Forced to Remove USB Book Sharing Feature

Did you know that Amazon has two ebook reader apps for the iPhone? The first app released was not the Kindle for iPhone app. The first ebook reader app released was…


…although Amazon didn’t buy its parent company (Lexcycle) until after its initial release (company purhcased in April 2009)

TechCrunch noted that a Stanza app update hit the iTunes store on Feb. 1 and that the only change noted was…

Apple Demands Removal Of USB Sharing Feature In Stanza iPhone App

So, now that Apple is about to enter the ebook content business (iBookstore), are they targeting Amazon? If so, I hope Apple doesn’t mess with Kindle for the iPad. I’m really looking forward to reading books on the iPad using both the iBooks and Kindle apps.