Is @RealDonaldTrump the Twitter Feed of a Future President?

If you’re not following Donald Trump on Twitter… well, I wouldn’t necessarily recommend you do. Regardless of the speculation surrounding his possible presidential bid, his tweets are definitely not presidential material.

Trump tweets from @realdonaldtrump, and really, it’s mostly promotional tweets likely not actually penned by Trump himself. Do you think this multi-billionaire really has time for Twitter? He probably has a 10-person team monitoring just his @mentions at any given time – he doesn’t need to get his hands dirty with social media.

Whether he’s the one tweeting or not, you should check out his Twitter feed for some insight into what’s on the Donald’s (or at least his PR people’s) mind. But following it might become tedious quickly, unless you’re addicted to The Apprentice.

At a glance, the majority of tweets appear to be promoting The Apprentice. Check out these gems from the possible presidential hopeful:

“A preview of this Sunday’s The Celebrity Apprentice”

“Be sure to watch the Celebrity Apprentice on Sunday night, 9 pm on NBC.”

“Be sure to tune in for another exciting episode of The Celebrity Apprentice this Sunday at 9 p.m. ET on NBC…”

To be fair, Trump actually does record video blogs on a regular basis, and even answers some questions from fans on Twitter. But other than a few tweets about his appearances on The Today Show, some promotion for his Fabulous World of Golf show, and a reaction to the death of Osama, his Twitter feed reads like an NBC Apprentice account (of which there is one that Trump often retweets here).

Maybe Trump is remaining politically mum until the end of this season of Celebrity Apprentice, when he will likely announce his intentions for the presidential bid. I’m sure his tweets are all carefully screened by his legal team to ensure that there’s no conflict of interest between his show and the laws surrounding a presidential campaign. If he started tweeting politics now, the pundits would have a field day and it might conflict with campaign law that states that any non-news related appearances by Trump would entitle his opponents to a similar amount of TV time on that network.

Obviously, Trump is keeping quiet on Twitter about his presidential ambitions for a reason. But it still makes me wonder: is it possible to flip a switch and change from an entertainment and promotional machine to a political one? Or maybe, in the end, they’re really not that different.