‘Is Print Dead? Discuss’


Our latest news feature tackles the question everybody asks but no one, it seems, dares to answer:

It’s a scary time to be working at — or running — a magazine, and the sense of challenge is palpable any time industry executives or editors assemble. “I love this question,” quipped Glamour editor-in-chief Cindi Leive at a recent mediabistro.com dinner she and other top women’s magazine editors co-hosted. “‘Is print dead? Discuss!'” Peggy Northrop, editor-in-chief of More, added only half-jokingly: “It’s what we talk about all day long.” At recent magazine conferences in New York and Phoenix, too, the opulence of awards ceremonies could not mask the seriousness with which the discussions played out among executives, on sometimes grim panels.

Trust me, we don’t answer it either — if we did, we wouldn’t be blogging for a living — but it’s a nice swipe.

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