Is My Digital Identity More Important Than My Physical Identity?

“I think I know you from twitter” “Really, what is your blog?” “I know him from Facebook”

I attended a breakfast this morning that focused on social media and these were just a few of the openings I heard in some conversations. Being a huge people watcher I was amazed by these openers and what signified.

I began to wonder about identity both psychical and digital. I manage my physical identity in everything I do; from the way I dress, part my hair, food I eat, to the way I speak, these are all identifying clues that I give to help people relate to me before we even speak.

But what about my digital identity and what it said about me? To be honest I began to worry. Am I managing my digital identity as close as I should? I was suddenly surrounded by a group of people I have never met physically but knew a great deal about me from what I have presented digitally. When I got back to my office I started reviewing my digital self.

I did what most people do when they are bored at work I googled myself. What I found was that my digital identity actually mirrored my physical identity fairly close. I was amazed how my social graph, my opinions, and my history actually extended into the digital world in an ad hoc manner.

To be honest there is some cleaning up I should do to my digital identity. This is because as social media begins to take off people will be consulting my digital identity more and more to figure out who I am. While the way I speak and dress is important, if your first impression is made by my digital identity I should take greater care to assure that is my best representation.

Finding ways to manage my online presence will be difficult. Everyday more and more information about me is being presented to the world. Soon if I am not careful people will have a finalized preconceived notion of who I am before they ever meet me. Where is the mystery in that?

Do any of you out there fear what your digital identity is saying about you? What steps do you take to assure that your digital identity is your best face. Do any of you have special tools you use to manage your online presence? Let me know.