Is Mixx Growing Fast Enough?

Marshall Kirkpatrick posted a relatively scathing review of traffic growth to since the beginning of development one year ago. Since its launch in October the site has grown from 31,000 to over 903,000 monthly visitors, a 2900 percent growth rate. Last month alone the company grew a whopping 238 percent. If that’s not substantial, I’m not sure what is.

Marshall argues that these numbers are extremely low considering that it is currently integrated into “USATODAY, LATimes, CNN, NYTimes, Reuters, NPR, Slate, and an unknown number of blogs.” With the launch of Yahoo! Buzz, it appears as though other social bookmarking sites are fighting for a small piece of the pie. Initial reports confirm that Yahoo! Buzz can send millions of visitors thanks to a homepage link on Yahoo! in comparison to a comparable link on Digg which sends less than 100,000 visitors to a site.

No matter how small the pie is, it is still big enough to fight for given rumors that Digg was being acquired for $300 million. The source of Mixx’s spike in traffic last month? According to Techcrunch it was which last month added a link to from each of its articles. One important test will be whether or not growth continues through next month.

Is it surprising that’s traffic has not surpassed 1 million monthly visitors? Not really. Most readers of mainstream media sources probably don’t know what Digg, or Mixx is and what their purpose is. Regardless, the site has gained traction and generating a popular story on the homepage now requires close to 40 votes in comparison to 3 or 4 when the site first launched.

A featured story on the homepage of Digg typically requires at least 150 votes. The company only launched 8 months ago and if it can continue its growth rate I think it has a great chance of becoming one of the leading social bookmarking and news aggregation services on the web. While the site may not have broken 1 million users yet, a 2900 percent growth rate is nothing to sneeze at.

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