Is Microsoft's Mac OS X Sync Support for Windows Phone 7 Just Symbolic?

One of the perceived big problems with Windows Mobile was the lack of a sync story for Mac OS X. Windows CE devices have been around since 1996. So, it is a bit of surprise that Microsoft decided to finally sync with Macs after 14 years.

Microsoft announces Windows Phone 7 sync software for Macs due this year

Or, was it? Did it really make a lot of sense to provide a sync solution for Mac OS X when Macs had tiny single digit market shares (3 to 5%)? After all, Microsoft’s ActiveSync and, later, WMDC barely worked on Microsoft Windows. Imagine how bad ActiveSync or WMDC for Mac OS X might have been?

So, why now? While Mac OS X is still no threat to Microsoft Windows, it does command a more significant market share now.

IDC: Apple’s now third largest PC vendor in US with 10.6 percent market share

The real question, though, is if this OS X support is mostly symbolic since it seems unlikely that Mac owners would choose Windows Phone 7 over iOS (iPhone). And, given that the biggest initial Windows Phone carrier is AT&T, the option to get Windows Phone in order to avoid AT&T is moot.