Is Microsoft's Core Windows PC Market Already Affected by the iPad?

It is one thing for Microsoft to be left behind by the iPad in the tablet market Microsoft itself pioneered. But, it is quite another for the iPad to actually have an impact on sales of one of Microsoft’s big three money makers: PCs running Windows.

Can We Blame the iPad Yet for Slowing PC Sales? (PC World)

Gartner sales PC sales fell 4.8% in the last quarter of 2010 while IDC puts it at 6.6%. Let’s meed in the middle somewhere and round it to a 6% PC sales drop.

Inter-platform sales side-effects can only get more interesting in 2011 as tablets based on Android (many), webOS (HP), and QNX (RIM BlackBerry) enter the mix? As for Windows 7 based tablets which were announced with fanfare as CES way back in January 2010? My guess is that they may find a spot in a number of vertical markets but will be a tiny blip in the consumer space.