Is Life Worth Living in a World Without Copy?

From Michael Surtees we were pointed to this story over at Ad Age: “Is Copy Dead or Just Evolving?” It’s a great piece by Peter Madden at the Small Agency Diary all about the growth of using the written word (e-mail, the internet, cell phone texting, etc.), but the movement toward using the least amount of copy in our ads. That might not come to any surprise, but it’s a sad state of affairs to we copywriters who sometimes enjoy writing a little copy. But such is the case of this new era of go!, go!, go! And we suppose we will be forced to move right along with it. Here’s some:

Don’t believe me? Check out MasterCard‘s latest Priceless print ad. The old Priceless ad copy used to read “dog shampoo $10, dog collar $20, having a squeaky-clean dog with a collar on? Priceless.” The new MC ad? It’s all photos of hiking equipment, backpack, flashlight, with a larger photo of a hiker, and the golden word: Priceless. Yes, this is a great example of an effective ad campaign that has evolved its message, at the same time devolving the copy. But for our frenetic lives, (sadly?), it works.