Is LA Weekly Trying To Say Sorry To Medical Marijuana?

In late November the LA Weekly published yet another article questioning the legality of local medical marijuana dispensaries. Yet again the paper went so far as to suggest that some dispensaries had ties to gangs and organized crime, that they contributed to increased crime in surrounding areas, that more red tape was required to control the “wildly proliferating storefront weed businesses.” The story angered many in the medical marijuana community and a call was made for an advertising boycott by marijuana pharmacies, to which the LAW responded with a flippant blog post.

Undoubtedly the LAW advertising department was not feeling quite as cavalier. Medical marijuana is a rare growth industry in the midst of a recession, and the cash-strapped paper is not in a position to take the loss of advertising revenue lightly. Perhaps that’s why this week’s cover story was a largely positive story about the push for marijuana legalization – and why it ran facing a page full of medical marijuana advertisments. The article/conciliatory gesture also graced the cover of the OC Weekly, and ran in sister papers in San Francisco, Dallas, Seattle and Houston.

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