Is Kanye West Lying About Being $53 Million in Debt?

Good thing he's releasing an album now, huh?

Kanye West is a man of mystery, who sometimes says the strangest things.

This is a guy who hit the rap world with a flurry of hits and then scurried smooth off the deep end into a self-deifying, shameless promoter who married a reality show star. The guy is about as delusional as those Kardashian fans who say “Those girls have talent!”

Yet, here we are — discussing Kanye’s effect on mankind. And this time, it’s about as low as he could go in a limbo contest at a Hawaiian luau.

From dropping a hint about a new album to delaying the inevitable and now, he’s broke?!

According to Yeezy is worth about $100 million and his wife has about $50 million to her name. Last Saturday, Kanye appeared on Saturday Night Live and announced that his new album ‘The Life of Pablo‘ had dropped.

Huzzah! And then two things happened on Twitter:

And while we determine the particular hue of his dank heart, we have this…

Anyone laughing that he went to Twitter with hat in hand? So, why would the hoodie invest $1 billion into Kanye projects defaming women, lying to his fans, and leveraging them to do his bidding?

Yes, that happened.

See all those likes and retweets? This is called a publicity stunt and as long as there are famous people in the world, the masses will be there to believe every word they say.

Look for a GoFundMe or Kickstarter to happen in 3… 2… 1…

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