Is James Frey Going Native?

Disgraced memoirist and bad Los Angeles novelist James Frey has a new racket, reports the New York Post. Perhaps realizing that his name has become a liability, Frey allegedly has nine projects underway using various pen names. One of them may be sci-fi writer John Twelve Hawks, author of the Fourth Realm Trilogy. Twelve Hawks, and his transparently American Indian sounding last name, is a recluse who refuses to interact with the outside world. His preferred means of communication is a satellite phone with a voice scrambler.

Now, we here at FBLA don’t know for sure, but we’d be willing to make a sizable bet that there’s no f’ing way this cracker is Native American. If Frey is Twelve Hawks, he’d join the ranks of Grey Owl, Forrest Carter, Margaret B. Jones, Nasdijj and dozens of others suckling the cultural teat of American Indians to sell books.

As for Frey himself, he had little comment on the matter: “I will neither confirm nor deny that I am John Twelve Hawks […] or anyone else … I will say that I have done, and I am continuing to do, projects that will come out anonymously or with invented names on them,” he told the Post.

H/T The Wrap