Is it Too Late to for College Students to Land Summer Internships?

summer internsAccording to a piece in The New York Post, a college student inquired if it’s too late to land a summer internship? The answer? Um, yes.

A junior heading into his or her senior year is looking for more meaningful employment than waiting tables and flipping burgers. As per Greg Giangrande, HR executive in the media industry, there’s a bigger issue here to fry.

His first concern is that the student is only thinking about the summer here in May. Aside from the initial response that burger-flipping students landed their summer gigs well before May, Giangrande says essentially a job or internship is better than no gig at all.

He writes in the piece:

“I wouldn’t denigrate any summer job — honest, hard work is to be commended. So unless you have some good connections who can hook you up with a corporate internship this late in the game, your chances will be slim.”

Above all, he suggests pounding the pavement and pursuing local jobs by pitching “your work ethic for a shot at one of those service jobs.”

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