Is It Snowing Outside? Forget The Weather Channel – Use This Twitter Map Instead

Twitter is the new weather channel. From crowdsourcing the weather around the US to actually teaming up with The Weather Channel Twitter is proving to be the go-to place for the latest weather info.

This latest Twitter weather endeavor by @BenMarsh uses the hashtag #uksnow to track when and where snow is falling around the United Kingdom.

The #uksnow Map app is a simple website that shows a map of where snow is falling around the UK in real time.

It relies on the participation of Twitter users, asking them to tweet the hashtag #uksnow along with their location (either by geotagging their tweet or including the name of their city), and rating the snow that is falling outside their door – a 0 for nothing and a 10 for a blizzard.

From this data, the map will be updated – in real-time – to show when and where snow is falling around the UK, and how heavily it’s coming down in each area.

You can use the map to see crowdsource patterns of snowfall headed your way, or just log in when you wake up to see whether it’s boots or sneakers weather.

And sure, you could just pop your head out the window and see if any snow is falling, but isn’t it more fun to do things on Twitter?

(Yellowj via Shutterstock)