Is It Really OK?

OK! Magazine’s long, slow descent into the Dark Side of Journalism continues unhindered. Not that OK!which pays for celebrity interviews — had a long way to go in that direction. But OK! used to be a light, bubbly read.

The pendulum swings. Enter: Britney Spears. Ever since OK! found itself inundated with press attention for recounting how Britney stained an expensive dress with chicken excess at a photo shoot, things just haven’t been as O.K. Where have all the fluffy, nutritionally-empty celebrity puff pieces of yesteryear gone?

They’ve gone darker, harsher. Now this, from The Daily Mail:

”The magazine’s publicist said: ‘OK! Magazine has uncovered explosive allegations regarding Larry Birkhead, Howard K. Stern and baby Danielynn, prompting the magazine to cancel our exclusive coverage of Danielynn’s first birthday party.’

”The newly obtained allegations are detailed, shocking and potentially incriminating. It makes it impossible for OK!, in good conscience, to promote this family’s highly questionable relationship in our pages.”

Way to exceed the rate base for the rest of 2007.