Is It Really Hot As H-E-Double Hockey Sticks?


As we plummeted into the first legitimate cold snap of 2006, it suddenly occured to us that Gore might not be right. And then we read this article by David Womack on Think Tank, which investigates the claim that all that definitive information design previously used to communicate the immediacy of climate crisis is still, well, open to debate.

After we read it we kinda sat there, stunned, like everything we had ever known was a lie and we were like, whoa, dude. And David Womack was like, I know, dude. And we were like, dude. And then David Womack put on this weird little fur hat with earflaps and wandered away into the hills, whistling.

Update: Well, it turns out he won’t be wearing that fur hat this season, at all. David Womack writes us himself to say, please, make no mistake–he is in love with Al Gore and that climate change is absolutely real and must be stopped.