Is "Is" A Throwback?

This morning I awoke thinking about one thing: will “is” be gone from my status updates? Apparently it is not gone yet. If you noticed, yesterday’s article title included a question mark. All that has been changed is the development side of things. I have received reports from individuals that have been able to remove “is” from their status updates though. Is this a big deal? Not really but there was a lot of buzz yesterday about the status as Mike Arrington pointed out.

I am hoping that soon “is” will be a throwback as Mary Specht suggested in my comments yesterday. I was also speaking with Eric Eldon of Venturebeat about making “is” a meme similar to lolcats. So perhaps we can start it with this post. Nick is feels like today will be a great day!

I’m not quite sure when Facebook will decide to remove the is or if they ever will. The only thing that has changed is the ability for applications to remove “is” from status updates. Facebook likes to pay attention to quirky things and as such I can see the “is” staying. Are you in favor of “is” being removed? Nick is suggests that we write about something else on the other posts today.