Is India’s $35 Tablet Too Good To Be True?

India is making a new $35 computing device for students. The new tablet, which looks like an iPad, is solar powered and operates on Linux’s open source operating platform. It is said to be India’s version of the One Laptop per Child program.
But some people think it is too good to be true. Mike Elgan from Computerworld is skeptical. He wrote: “The project appears to target a similar demographic and purpose as the One Laptop per Child program, which is still struggling to bring the cost of its nonsolar, non-touch-screen computer down to its goal of $100.”
He continued: “Indian politicians have discovered that announcing technological ‘breakthroughs’ that leverage Indian engineering prowess to deliver computers to everybody helps get press and win votes. It’s a cheap gimmick that works because of the gullibility of the media.”
It does seem a little too good to be true, but wouldn’t it be great? Time will tell.