Is Hillary Ready to Climb Public Relations Mountain?

More importantly, is her communications team ready?!

ready for hillary
Are you?

Whelp: the worst-kept secret in Washington D.C. is officially out in the open as Hillary Clinton is “now” a presidential candidate for 2016.

And this time, it will be even awesomer.

In 2008, Hillary was interested in the White House — but then this “Obama” guy had to stick his nose in her business. In 2012, she chilled and waited her turn.

She believes now is the time — but as in the case of anyone interested in occupying the Resolute Desk, it’s not the election that will hurt most…it’s the ride-along public relations experience.

Can Hilary withstand what awaits her there?

The biggest recent ballyhoo over nothing (which could apply to almost everything in D.C.) was “email-gate.” Sure, the former Secretary of State wanted her emails to be made public — but she really didn’t want to mess with that whole work VPN thing.

Ever since she left New York for Washington to serve as Secretary of State under Obama, she has never really left Washington because deep down everyone pretty much knew that she couldn’t take losing to a first-term senator from Chicago.

This is a country that forgives its fallen … but it never forgets.

From “Whitewater” to the various -gates and her husband’s famously public brushes with misbehavior, Hillary is going to have her fair share of drama to dismiss when she’d much rather be talking about the issues, because let’s be honest…nobody has time for all that!

But will all that partisan hubbub really matter? Public relations executive, Hillary fan, and friend of the site Howard Bragman doesn’t think so.

“I think she will power through,” said Bragman, vice chairman of [via Politico]. “The Clintons have been backed into a corner before, and they’re pretty good at getting out of these corners.”

As for her press relations, “I think she has to be intelligent and she has to be upfront,” Bragman said. “And she has to be ‘likable enough,’ if you will”—a reference to candidate Obama’s diss of Clinton during a 2008 primary debate in New Hampshire.

Intelligent? Check. Upfront? Very. Likable? That’s up to the press to help everyone decide. The court of public opinion is waiting.