Is Google’s Mobile Effort a Sure Thing?

As the entire tech industry argues with itself over the Microsoft-Yahoo merger, analyzing every last aspect down to which company’s bathroom soap supplier should be retained, CNET News asks a different question: Will Google’s mobile foray be a success, or will they run into more problems than they realize?

Because Google has dominated search and advertising on the traditional Internet, the article said, the expectation is that the company will also take the mobile market by storm using the same tools and the same strategies. But “shoehorning its existing Web tools and applications onto a tiny mobile phone isn’t going to be easy.”

“In some ways Google is now the incumbent,” said Farhad Divecha, director of the search and mobile marketing firm AccuraCast, in the article. “Their search products and advertising tools aren’t the best right now, so there’s a good chance someone could come in and do it better.”

It’s food for thought—no one has a monopoly on how to score with mobile. Despite Microsoft, Yahoo, and Google giving it their all, not to mention countless startups, so far there’s no one “right” answer with any part of it, the way there is on the desktop with the ubiquitous Google search box.

Is mobile really a sure thing for Google? [CNET News]