Is Google the King Of All Media?

And here we thought the king of all media was Howard Stern. At OMMA Hollywood, panelists debated whether or not Google will continue to take over the media world, including mobile, online, offline, in-store, and other forms of content.

We think that’s more than a bit far-fetched. After all, there’s no indication that Google will open its own movie or television studios, or start operating radio stations.

One of the charms of the Google empire is that they let their engineers run wild and come up with new ideas for applications. But the company is really technology-oriented.

There would have to be a seismic shift in Google’s culture, one that’s much larger than what took place over at Apple, as that company shifted from the old “Apple Computer” model to the new “Apple Inc.” consumer electronics model.

Google King Of All Media? An OMMA Debate [MediaPost]

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