Is Facebook's Traffic Down?

Om Malik has posted comScore data showing that Facebook had a down month in September. Given that college students are returning to school then, the data doesn’t make much sense. A quick glance at Alexa shows a different picture but then again Alexa is notorious for being inaccurate. A comparison to’s statistics on Facebook shows that comscore’s data may have been inflated for previous months.

Even Facebook employees that have presented about Facebook have been showing growing numbers. When speaking at the Graphing Social Patterns conference, Dave Morin said there were 43 million users and 225,000 new users per day. Then yesterday at the D.C. Developers Garage, Ami Vora of Facebook said that there are now 45 million users and 250,000 new users per day. Facebook says that they are growing and I think their numbers are relatively accurate (although as a private company they aren’t required to publish this information).

If you ask me, Facebook traffic is growing and this is a blip in comscore’s data. Comscore had previously released questionable data about the Facebook demographic information. All sources in this case are relatively quesitonable (comscore could be statistically inaccurate, Facebook may want to hype their numbers). We probably will never know what’s true here.