Is Facebook Redesigning Their Header Again?

It looks like Facebook may be reconsidering some minor changes to their site header. Thanks to Ethan Bodnar, I was able to check out a new version of the header that was displayed temporarily on Facebook. The header has been apparently redone so that there is now a “Home” link, a “Profile” link and another link with your name which I’m assuming links to your profile.

It’s interesting to see the shift and that “Home” needs to be explicitly stated since apparently users don’t realize that the Facebook logo links to the site homepage. While it isn’t official that Facebook will be switching their header, it’s clear that they are testing out some minor changes. So Facebook’s “new design” definitely is still shifting.

I’m guessing that we will continue to see new changes over the coming months and it’s clear that this is simply one more of them. It’s great to see Facebook consistently iterating. If you end up seeing a similar header on the site please let us know as we’d love to hear what changes you are seeing take place!