Is Facebook in a PR Pickle?

Everybody is waiting for the Facebook SocialAds announcement on November 6th. While we now know that Facebook will target users when they are browsing outside of Facebook, we don’t know when the actual network will launch. According to closely tied sources, Facebook is simply announcing the new network on November 6th, the day after Google was supposed to announce their platform. They will be announcing launch partners as well as seeking additional launch partners. Apparently they aren’t close to completion with their ad platform though.

In regards to Google, I’ve heard that the new date is November 1st for the announcement while Techcrunch is reporting that it will be the 8th or 9th, days after Facebook’s announcement. Whatever day it is, it is now obvious that both Facebook and Google are trying to be strategic in picking their dates to maximize and sustain the buzz around their platforms. Facebook’s much hyped ad network is still an unproven model and based on the click-thru rates displayed in leaked data, advertising on Facebook is currently not the most effective place for gaining exposure. Additionally, Facebook will be selling a new form of advertising which while in theory is awesome, has no data to back up such a claim.

The revolutionary new ad system that could become a rival to Google’s Adsense must generate a lot of buzz so that ad agencies are convinced that the new network is a worthwhile investment for their clients. Facebook is taking this seriously. The recently opened a New York office that most likely is focused on developing advertiser relationships. Even still, both Facebook and Google are now heavily invested in revolutionizing the social web and this is just the beginning. Every move matters and the shuffling of press dates by both companies is a sign of the times.

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