Is Facebook For Business?

There’s been a lot of discussion about Facebook and its usefulness to businesses sparked by Scott Karp’s post in which he outlines why Facebook is not for business. He is correct. Facebook was not intended for business. It was a social network for colleges which has quickly manifested into something bigger. What is interesting though is that Facebook has not attempted to adapt to its varying user base. The blogosphere has been asking for a change of Facebook’s friend details so that they can specify a more professional response of how they met others. Additionally, poking someone is not the best way of forming a business relationship. Scott Karp had a great statement:

Facebook is riding a brilliant wave of hype that has professionals of all stripes setting up an account and trying to figure out how to use it for business, but generally scratching their heads.

I am watching this take place. I have had a number of corporate recruiters call me and ask me how they can recruit better on Facebook. All of the business activities that are taking place are being forced into a system that is not meant for business networking. Regardless, people will use the tools available to them as they see fit and many people currently see Facebook as useful for business purposes. If Facebook doesn’t expand their network to allow multiple types of connections and control access to profile features based on connection type, eventually the tech Illuminati will move elsewhere.