Is Facebook Flyers Leaking Data?

This morning I received an email from Markus Urban who notified me of an error within his Facebook flyers account. Apparently, Facebook was displaying ad data for another user’s account. As displayed in the image below, the data includes ad click-thru rates, cost-per-click information and the total amount that the person has spent. One interesting piece of this is how horrendous the click-thru rates are. While click-thru rates are mostly related to how good the ad is, the rates in the chart below are well below the estimated 0.04% click-thru rates that have been previously estimated for Facebook flyer ads.

While internal click-thru rates for Facebook are historically low, under their new advertising system, click-thru rates would be potentially higher given that they are targeted ads on less “attention consuming” websites. This is all speculation though. Whatever the case is, Facebook needs to figure out what’s happening with their flyer system that could cause this leaking.

One other interesting tidbit brought to my attention by Markus’ post is the fact that Facebook blocks all advertising that redirects users to MySpace. While speaking at SNAP Summit last week, Ami Vora, the senior platform manager at Facebook, could not comment on who Facebook considers a competitor. If there was anything to suggest that Facebook considers MySpace a competitor, this definitely does.

Markus has since informed me that the bug seems to have been fixed as of this morning. It’s great to see that Facebook is responding quickly to any errors.