Is Facebook Chicken Sh&t? Journo Banned for 24 Hours

Life in the digital age can be a bitch. Facebook has banned Karl Frisch, a Democratic strategist, syndicated columnist and radio host for 24 hours for a post on Chick-fil-A that included a graphic with the word “fags.” As many know, Frisch is openly gay and does not support the practices and policies of the chicken joint on account of what he describes as their support of anti-gay organizations.

“This is a load of horse shit. @Facebook has blocked me from posting content for 24 hours for posting this,” said Frisch, taking the matter to Twitter.

The columnist posted on Chic-fil-A on his public profile last week and received upwards of 5,000 views with 100 people re-sharing. “It’s obviously fair use,” Frisch told FishbowlDC, explaining that he first noticed the image on Twitter.

“I thought Chick-fil-A left a bad taste in my mouth, now it’s Facebook,” he said. “You’re not going to silence people because your company supports anti-gay policies. A lot of us are not going to sit there and keep our mouths shut. It’s unfortunate to see Facebook ban me and possibly others to socially network with others to make sure they’re aware of these social policies, especially when you think about how forward thinking Facebook has been on LGBT equality issues.”

David Cohen, who writes mediabistro’s AllFacebook blog, said Facebook banning a user is not common. “Actually, yes, it is pretty unusual, but they will probably give you a vague, boilerplate response saying that their terms of service were violated,” he said.

As an aside, Frisch noted that Facebook has recently altered its policy to allow gay men and women to declare their marital statuses to spouses of the same gender.

We’ve reached out to Facebook PR and Greg Thompson in Chick fil-A’s Corporate Communications Dept. for comment.

UPDATE: Here’s a funny twist. It was accidental! Andrew Noyes of Facebook wrote FBDC to say, “This was an error and we apologize for any inconvenience it may have caused. He can feel free to repost the image.”