Is Facebook a Waste of Time?

Jeffery Zeldman seems to think so. He thinks that Facebook is just another way for blowing “off work you should be doing.” I think he may be partially right. I have spent so much time in the past week playing addictive games on Facebook, that productivity has decreased significantly. I have been working long hours but much of that is due to the fact that so many hours have been wasted on Facebook.

While Facebook is probably the best social network for maintaining relationships, I am starting to see a value behind a site like LinkedIn. Holding true to the KISS model (keep it simple stupid), LinkedIn provides me with little distraction items. On the other hand, I log in to Facebook and am immediately sucked in by my hundreds of friends who are constantly updating their profiles. Then to get a break from my quick update on friendly news, I click on one of the games that I have installed on my account.

What’s funny though is that most of the time people seem to be spending on Facebook (let alone the internet) are on tools that allow them to waste time. Perhaps this is why Facebook will continue to be successful. Are you spending most of your time on Facebook on addictive games or are you actually being productive?