Is Facebook A “Mom Thing”?

As if having an underwhelming IPO weren’t enough? Now The LA Times has a story that claims that teens today are starting to drop Facebook for other social networks like Twitter, Google+ and Tumblr. Could Facebook be the new Friendster or the new MySpace?

According to the story, while 80% of teens have a Facebook account, it’s the 50-64 year-old users who are helping the company grow its user base. Apparently, teens today consider Facebook a social network for parents. Here is an excerpt from the story:

‘Facebook is just not the big fad anymore,’ said Kim Franklin, a 15-year-old from Gaithersburg, Md., who does not have a Facebook account and prefers social media site Tumblr. ‘It was like everybody was constantly on there, but now not so much.’ Franklin said her 13-year-old sister Nicole hasn’t signed up for a Facebook account either. Meanwhile, Laura Franklin, the girls’ 37-year-old mother, always has Facebook open on her computer while working on her parenting blog, Better in Bulk. That, she said, has led her teen daughters to dub Facebook a ‘mom thing.’

This thirty something blogger/parent can’t help but agree with these teens that Facebook was a place where everyone was, “but now not so much.” Personally I don’t mind hanging out with older generations online,but I do mind the revolving door that is Facebook’s privacy policy. What do you think? Is Facebook a “Mom thing”?