Is Facebook a Fantasy World?

In Ontario this week, Jesse Hirsh, a so-called “facebook expert” claimed in court that Facebook is a fantasy world. The case that he was testifying at was regarding a man who had his newborn son taken away by child services. In turn, the man decided to create a group on Facebook that was a petition against the act taken by child services. He also decided to post vulgar status updates and began posting claims that he was going to bomb the C.A.S. in a discussion board.

On his blog, Jesse argues that “The purpose of Facebook is to offer its users a stage upon which to construct a shared narrative, an interactive play, that while based on real life, is in fact fantasy. Unlike a resume or CV, people spin their profiles to reflect the more positive and attractive elements of their personality.” While Facebook profiles may be a touched up version of ourselves, I wonder if the word “fantasy” should be used.

MySpace users have historically created inaccurate profiles of themselves. In contrast, many Facebook users, while they don’t write absolutely everything about themselves, they provide relatively accurate profiles. Do you live in a fantasy world on Facebook or would you consider your life on Facebook an accurate representation of the “real” you?