Is Darth D’Vorkin Running Forbes

Huge news out of Forbes magazine as its top editor not named Steve Forbes will move positions, becoming a writer, columnist and “investment strategies editor.”

It sounds like a good gig, but not for the man who since 1999 essentially ran the magazine on a day-to-day basis. The only reason William Baldwin didn’t have the editor-in-chief title was because Steve Forbes kept that for himself. The Business Insider got the memo to staff from Baldwin:

“After 11 years editing the magazine I am moving to a new position at Forbes, as a writer, with the title investment strategies editor. I’ll be writing a monthly column, blog commentary and the occasional feature.”

But it begs the question, who’s running Forbes now?
When True/Slant creator Lewis D’Vorkin moved into the magazine earlier this month as chief product officer, he outranked Baldwin, but it was largely assumed that D’Vorkin would take the lead on shaping the magazine and website’s future. However, has he now also taken the lead on editorial content as well?
Nicknamed Darth D’Vorkin by Forbes employees, this might be a bigger coup than when the real Star Wars character took control of the Republic. Oh yeah, I went there.