Is “Cristal” the new “Wingman”?

The Washington Post’s Deputy Editor of Weekend Curt Fields thinks that the Style section’s recent story on Jay Z and Cristal is just as outdated as their infamous Wingman story:

    On the other hand, the Jay-Z vs. Cristal piece struck me as late. It’s worthy of a column but when it comes two weeks after the fact, it just seems a bit stale. (An aside, the Post has often seemed a bit late to the party on lot of issues/trends/buzz topics. A prime example off the top of my head was the Wingman story a couple of months ago. Appearing as if we’re learning about trends at the same time — or later than — the average middle-age suburbanite does will guarantee we’ll always be short of readers in younger demographics. I’m not putting today’s piece on the same level, just using it as a jumping off point.)