Is Corn Concussed?

David Corn, the D.C. Bureau Chief for Mother Jones, got off to a bad start this morning. He let us know that he’s had a car crash via Twitter. He even posted this pic on the right as proof. According to Corn, a driver went through a stop sign and smashed into the side of his 2002 Saab. Wait. It gets better. The offending driver is NOT insured, meaning that if Corn’s car is totaled, it may cost him as much as $12,000. All jokes aside, that looks like a serious accident. Corn says that head is “banged up” and he is “probably” OK. PROBABLY? Head injuries should PROBABLY be taken a little more seriously. But, that’s just us. Corn received notes of concern from his Twitter family begging him to seek medical help, but Corn seems set in toughing this out.

Corn, never one to miss an opportunity, retweeted this helpful suggestion from one of his followers.

Gee, a blatant book promotion? Maybe Corn’s head is fine after all.