Is BlackBerry Really the New Top Mobile Web Browsing Platform? Not Really

I’m on a roll today looking at odd mobile platform usage reports. It started with:

Nielsen “Most Desired” Mobile Platform Survey Results Make No Sense: Dead Platforms Palm OS & Windows Mobile in the Race? I Think Not

Then, I looked at:

Parallel Universe Most Popular Mobile OS Survey Results: MeeGo Tied for #1, iPhone Near Last

Next, let’s take a look at the StatCounter’s mobile internet usage data as reported by TNW (TheNextWeb):

BlackBerry Mobile Internet Use Overtakes Apple In US

StatCounter’s source blog post is found here:

BlackBerry overtakes Apple in Mobile Wars

The StatCounter graph TNW shows in its article (see above) does indeed show BlackBerry making strong gains to become number one. But, I took a look at the same period (Dec. 2008 to November 2010) using StatCounter’s graphing stats service at:

and found the results below:

In these results, Symbian and iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch) are declining but in the #1 and #2 spots. BlackBerry’s web browsing percentage is rising dramatically but is #3. There’s also some unusual mirror spikes around July 2009 in the graph I generated that does not show up in the graph TNW generated. Why are these two graphs of the same time period using the same graphing tool generating such different results? Which one, if any, of these graphis is correct?