Is Apple Censoring eBooks Again?

Is Apple censoring eBooks again? Possibly.
The Telegraph UK reports: “Blonde and Wet, the Complete Story was ranked first on the iPad in a top 10 that included three other erotic novellas yesterday morning. But all four titles disappeared simultaneously and had been replaced with less risque books, such as Peter Mandelson’s autobiography, by the afternoon. Book chart analysts said it was unlikely that all the erotic titles could have dropped out of the list at the same moment without being deliberately removed.”
To prevent pornographic content from entering its marketplace, Apple has been overly careful with its censorship. Apple cut Herman Melville’s Moby Dick for its “objectionable” language and use of the word “sperm” whale.
Apple also banned nudity in a graphic novel version of James Joyce’s Ulysses called Ulysses Seen. Both were allowed in after bad press.