Is Apple Already Pitching a Tablet to the Publishing Biz?


According to a post this morning on Digital Daily by John Paczkowski, Apple has already pitched its tablet to some publishers (Who? Anyone willing to come forward?), proposing a pretty sweet deal to publishers. Paczkowski quotes Oppenheimer analyst Yair Reiner, who said, “Apple will split revenue 30/70 (Apple/publisher); give the same deal to all comers; and not request exclusivity.”

Paczkowski also cites some other details Reiner dug up by checking in on Apple’s hardware manufactures: Reiner said we’re looking at a 10.1 inch LCD display, a $1,000 price point, and a launch in March or April 2010.

If Paczkowski and Reiner are right, this news is exciting indeed, and Amazon and Sony ought to be terrified. If they’re wrong, well, nothing’s more fun for a tech nerd than a good Apple Tablet rumor. What do you think? Do you believe?