Is Amazon Planning New Promotions for the Appstore?

If there’s one thing Amazon knows how to do, it’s sell stuff. And now it looks like they might be working on new ways to sell Android apps.

Amazon sent out an email today to app developers who have signed up for the Appstore Developer Portal. I’m not a developer, but I did sign up just to get emails like this. Here is the email:

Dear Mobile App Distribution Developer,

Amazon is now accepting promotional images for your apps. Promotional artwork gives you an opportunity to capture the attention of customers using colorful imagery that reflects the essence of your apps. Our marketing team is already using promotional imagery in featured placements to highlight apps to customers, and we’ll be expanding use of these creative assets.

Promotional images should be 1024 x 500 pixels and in PNG or JPG format. We encourage you to submit your promotional image now to take advantage of these new marketing opportunities. Learn more on the Amazon Mobile App Distribution Blog.

Amazon is asking for rather large images with specific dimensions, wouldn’t you say? It’s my guess that Amazon picked the dimensions based on how well they would fit the Kindle Fire.  That tablet has a screen resolution that is 1024×600. The difference is enough for a menu bar on the top of the screen.

It’s a pity that Amazon didn’t pick a larger image size; it might have given us a hint about the next Kindle Fire, which is rumored to be unveiled in a couple weeks.