Is a Pair of 4.2-inch LCD Screens on the Nintendo DSi XL Enough to Battle the iPhone & iPad? I Don’t Think So

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Bloomberg reported that the new Nintendo DSi XL includes an ebook reader feature…

Nintendo Adds Shakespeare, Twain to New Mobile Device (Update3) has it available for pre-order with a $189.99 price tag. It will be released on March 28. Late March? Same timeframe as the iPad release? Bad timing? Perhaps. But, I don’t think it has much overlap with the iPad buying crowd.

The DSi XL has:

– Two large LCD screens (4.2-inches)
– Three pre-loaded games: Brain Age Express (Math), Brain Age Express (Arts & Letters), Photo Clock

Like the DSi, it also includes two cameras (one front facing), WiFi, web browser, audio playback, and SD card slot.

Is a larger set of screens enough to counter the considerable gaming prowess of the iPhone and iPod touch? I don’t think so. If it were $99 instead of $189, perhaps. If the iPad touch becomes a popular gaming platform, Nintendo will have to do some serious retooling to compete.