Is $31 Too Much for A Kindle Book?

The other day, we asked readers if $31 was too much to pay for a Kindle book–that’s the price of William T. Vollmann’s 1300 page Imperial, which only costs three dollars (and a hell of a backache) more in print from Amazon. A few readers had noteworthy responses that we’d like to draw your attention to now.

Reader Jeremy Brooks wrote “it could be argued that Vollmann and his editor had to spend that much more time on it because it is so long, and that they deserve more money,” though the length might also be an argument for having spend less time actually editing the book, right? Aren’t editors supposed to take stuff out? But short ain’t Vollmann’s style. But, he continued, “a product is only worth what it can/will be purchased for. And, I personally would be hard-pressed to spend that much money on an e-book, no matter how long or good it was.”

Christopher Dillon, however, said, “I’d happily pay that much (or more) for an ebook.” He noted that some specialty Kindle books sell for as much as $6,000. “At that level, it’s the content, not the production cost, that you’re paying for.”